What's new in Classwork 2.0 for iPad

• All new design
• Easily switch between Handouts and Students views with new tab-based navigation
• New sidebar gives you instant access to current classes, recents, favourites, and drafts and archived Handouts with just a tap
• Streamlined options for adding content like app activities, photos, videos, links, and documents during Handout creation
• See which apps have enabled student progress, and view rich activity previews when adding app activities to your Handouts

New features

• New Handout options including locking Handouts, marking as “viewed”, requesting revisions, and returning files
• Insights into overall class and individual student progress including completion rates, time spent, and incomplete and re-assigned activities
• Notifications to teachers when Handouts are due or ready to be reviewed
• Notifications to students when new Handouts are assigned or due tomorrow, a weekly summary of past due Handouts is available, and when a teacher has requested to try     again
• Teacher library that organises drafts, favourites, and copies of Handouts from archived classes
• New Handout archive stores Handouts from classes after they end, making it easy to reuse activities
•In-app and Spotlight search for classes, Handouts, and students
•See attached for supporting documents on Getting Started with Classwork for Teachers and Get Set Up for Classwork for administrators.

Classwork User Guide for Instructors

Classwork User Guide for Student