Our Team

MalcolmManaging Director, ACMT, ACHDS

Malcolm started his own company in 2000 after uncovering a niche for high quality service. Starting out as an Audio/Visual Technician and branching into Apple servicing in the early 80’s, Malcolm is continualy striving for excellence and pursuit of perfection has lead him to pursue a number of Apple qualifications, Malcolm can often be found out of the office, ensuring each of our clients are personally serviced and well looked after as well as running the company.

KarenFinance Director, Finance Manager

Karen spends her time busily ensuring that each member of the team is performing to the highest of standards, and ensures we are providing you with the lowest of costs. Continually working behind the scenes, Karen ensures that all your service needs are prompt and accurate, and that the team is well versed in the latest technologies and training.

AdamService Manager, ACMT, ACHDS

Manager, Gamer, Tech. Adam provides a number of years experience working with other Apple repair centres around Adelaide, using this knowledge to lead and enhance our hardware team even further than ever before. He has a significant presense in the Adelaide community, and is always available for help should anyone have a question or a problem.

KevinService Technician, ACMT, ACHDS

Kevin has been working with computers for over 30 years, including working for S.A.I.T., UniSA, CPMS and Mac Media. He has been pulling things apart and putting them back together for even longer. Kevins experience and skill have made him the go-to-tech for particularly difficult problems.

Matt Service Technician, ACMT, ACHDS

All kinds of people make up the unique blend that is OzMac Solutions and Matt - the singing technician - is no exception. He is most commonly found in his natural state - two hands in a machine, singing the latest in great music - whilst repairing equipment at a rate that can only be described as impressive. Matt is a key part of the team at OzMac Solutions, and helps make each minute just that little bit more enjoyable.

StaceySales and Training

When it comes to sales, OzMac believes in putting knowledgeable technicians into the role, so that you can receive good, sound advice, backed by the knowledge that the person you are speaking with knows how it works. Stacey is that person. With years of experience as a hardware repairer and working within the education department as a problem solver and student carer, Stacey is more than well equipped to service any need that may arise. Combine this experience with the friendly demeanour and attitude of a great trainer and we have a sales person that we feel is best suited to your needs.

PhilSystems Engineer, ACTC, ACSP, ACA

Rather than just being one more engineer, Phil has real experience within the Department of Education as a School Services Officer. Phil is able to provide you with the information you need from someone who has recently been within the Department. He doesn't just bring to you his extensive experience and skills with Microsoft systems, his practical solutions to problems, performance computing skill set, or even his cross platform knowledge, he brings a good working knowledge of how schools actually run. His professional demeanour and fun attitude have made him excellent to work with, and make him an excellent choice for your engineer.

JasonSystems Engineer, OSCP, OSWP, SLAE, SGDE, ACSA, ACTC, ACSP, ACA

Jason joins us from a wide range of companies, ranging from the Transport industry, through to Media and Television. His Network Administration experience, coupled with experience in the core of the OS X operating system, Offensive Security training, and his keen desire to continue to learn grant a quick, effective resolution to your problems, and, with his Apple qualifications, he is able to effectively design, tailor and implement infrastructure to your needs.