Personal Development

At OzMac Solutions it not just about selling and servicing equipment for Education clients, we also recognise that it’s important to have great quality Professional Development to go hand in hand with the sale, especially if it’s a new school that is making the transition to Apple.

This is why OzMac has developed a partnership with Matt Richards. 

Matt is an Apple Professional Learning Specialist working with Government, Catholic and Independent schools. Find below more info on Matt and if you would like to use Matt's services email me at this link

As an Adelaide local Matt works tirelessly as an Independent Apple Professional Learning Consultant (Apple Professional Learning Specialist) across many of our state and city schools; Government, Catholic and Independent. Matt is also recognised as an Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE) and has 20 years experience as teacher and in leadership (head of Digital Transformation) across primary and early secondary school / colleges. This also includes media technology and arts design.

Matt’s focus is only on schools engaged with Apple technology applying a  … “Master of one… not, Jack of all” mentality, and can provide deep understanding and knowledge in an Apple environment.

Within his role, Matt provides expert Leadership advice and direction, quality Professional Development for teaching groups, deep learning concepts & experiences for students… and the one-area regularly misrepresented, informative workshops for parents around device use and purpose in learning. In addition to this, Matt’s time is also spent:

As Digital Learning and STEM designer for Adelaide Zoo & Monarto Safari Park (ZoosSA).
Matt has written three book resources  (almost completed four) for teachers / students where digital technology deepens learning in Animal understanding & Conservation.

Works at Flinders University (Adelaide) as Media Arts teacher for Masters students and Pre-service teachers.

Works as a Digital Technology teacher at a school one day per week.

And when the weather is nice, Matt also loves to capture our beautiful state with his drone as a fully licenced and CASA certified Drone pilot. LookingDownOn SA

In 2017, Matt worked at Apple as part of the Towards Transformation project in a consultant capacity.

In all his work, Matt has an outstanding working relationship with the education team at Apple.

Least of all, and with three medium-sized kids, Matt loves spending time with his family to do…. fun family stuff!